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Mt. Shasta, California

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Happiness depends on being free
Freedom depends on being courageous

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These articles have been written by me, some recently and some during my academic career in University. They are here listed by title.

Action Thinking
Autogenic Relaxation Technique  
Being in Control
Benefits of Osteopathy
Body Language: how to read a person 
Challenge of Teaching: Confession of a Renegade
Concept-Therapy and the Evolution of Consciousness
Course on Language and Consciousness
Creative Process in the Philosophy of Thomas Troward
Deep Healing: The Faith Factor
Do Other Animals Think?
Emotional Transformation: A Process of Self-Empowerment
Fourth Dimension of Consciousness
Fraternal Associations, Fraternal Orders and Freemasonry
Freedom to Learn and Teach: A Transpersonal Approach
Further Notes on Hypnosis: An Historical Appreciation
Good Teaching...a brief perspective
Hypnosis as a State of Altered Consciousness
Idea of A Spiritual Life
Impact of Scientific Research on Health Practices
Impact of Caring Behavior on Personal Health
Language as Therapy
Learning to Relax   
Mechanisms of Aging
Mechanisms of Consciousness
Mechanisms and Learning Styles
Mind Power
More on Personal Freedom
Motives We Live By
Natural Healing Power of Rest
Nature of Prejudice    
New Thought in America
Notes on the Care of the Psyche
Nutrition for the Mind-Brain
On Being Clear in Writing and Speaking
On Learning To Be Human
Path of the Adept

Philosophy of Personal Freedom as a factor in Health and Healing
Power of Meditation: An Eclectic Approach
Problem of Disease
Seeing and Hearing  - Basic to Success
Self-image and Health
Signs of Brainwashing
Subjective Conditioning    

Suggestion as a Form of Indirect Communication
Teacher as Model Student
Teaching: A Humanistic versus Mechanistic Approach
Therapeutic Hypnosis
A New Theory of Education    
Trust: The Keystone of Truly Satisfying Relationships
Uses and Limits of Anger
Values Programming



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