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Advances in Consciousness

dedicated to The Advancement of Consciousness and Freedom






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Title Index
Advances in Consciousness and Freedom

These articles have been written by me, some recently and some during my professional career. They are listed by title with a brief description of each.

  • Action Thinking in the classroom
    Theory without application , especially in professional courses, lacks credibility with the student, who needs to see the relevance of the theory to his or her own life. This is especially true of psychology and related social sciences.
  • Autogenic Relaxation Technique
    Simple well-tested techniques are provided the reader, based on the pioneering work of Schultz and Luthe.  
  • Being in Control
    A serious yet tongue-in-cheek treatment of the subject, arguing that to avoid manipulating and being manipulated there must be counter-controls.
  • Benefits of Osteopathy
    A careful description of the benefits as well as the limitations of Osteopathy as a medical modality of treatment. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the research for this article after having benefited from Osteopathic treatment.
  • Body Language: how to read a person
    Contains a description of various gestures and postures, suggesting what they are communicating to the informed and attentive listener. 
  • A New Theory of Teaching: The Teacher as Model Student
    The result of some experimental teaching I did at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Canada while completing my doctoral thesis.
  • Brain Mechanisms and Learning Styles
    Left and right brain functioning and how dominance of one side over the other affects the ease or difficulty in learning certain subjects resulting from whichever brain is dominant. Most successful elementary school teachers seem to be balanced between the two.
  • Concept-Therapy and the Evolution of Consciousness
    A description of the course of studies in Concept-Therapy and Conceptology advanced by Dr. Thurman Fleet and currently promoted by the Concept-Therapy Institute located in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Course on Language and Consciousness
    Consists of six chapters dealing with models of communication impacting on human consciousness and effective communication.
  • Creative Process in the Philosophy of Thomas Troward
    A profound treatment of the subject; an author to read for anyone seriously interested in the subject of creativity.
  • Faith
    An important factor in deep mental and physical healing.
  • Do Other Animals Think Like Humans?
    In some ways I think they do. A rather cursory examination of the subject.
  • Mental and Emotional Transformation
    A process of self-empowerment based on studies in Concept-Therapy and Conceptology advanced by Dr. Thurman Fleet.
  • Fourth Dimension of Consciousness...what could it be?
    The proposition that there is more to consciousness than meets the eye of the beholder. What it is and how it can be attained by anyone desiring to attain this dimension of awareness.
  • Fraternal Associations, Fraternal Orders and Freemasonry
    An examination of the tendency to join social or professional organizations as either inborn or socially conditioned, or both?
  • Freedom to Learn and Teach: A Transpersonal Approach
    The likelihood that the way you learn or teach depends upon your personal philosophy of life.
  • Hypnosis
    An historical appreciation of the development of the idea of hypnosis. A very brief sketch with suggestions for further reading.
  • Teaching
    What makes good teaching? I argue that much depends upon the personal philosophy of both teacher and student, prefering myself a transpersonal perspective, namely that the highest purpose of teaching is to provide an environment wherein the student can expand and raise his or her consciousness.
  • Hypnosis
    Here I maintain that hypnosis is a state of altered consciousness which can be used for special purposes, such as healing, creativity, reprogramming the subconscious, or enhancing learning and physical performance,
  • Spirituality
    This is a research paper on the idea of the spiritual life, what it could be and what it has been considered to be by scholars and mystics. The article is well referenced. Not light reading.
  • Scientific Research
    Does knowing the results of the latest research really change personal health practices?
  • Caring
    Is the desire to care for other and to be taken care of a genetic predisposition and a necessity for total physical health?
  • Language as Therapy
    This is a brief introduction to the SAVI model of interpersonal communication, SAVI meaning the Sequential Analysis of Verbal Interaction.
  • Learning to Relax
    A description of easy relaxation exercises anyone can do with some excellent suggestions for books and audio tapes to assist the student who wants a variety of exercise that can be used at home, at work and school.
  • Aging
    What are the mechanisms of aging have been identified? Are we living not only longer but healthier? Can the aging process be influenced, regardless of the age we start to change our lifestyle?
  • Consciousness
    What are the mechanisms of consciousness? Do we in effect have more than one brain? A paper published for an interdisciplinary symposium sponsored by Sir Wilfred Laurier University, written in the 1970's and delivered at Queens University in Ontario, Canada.
  • Mind Power
    Is the brain a high-powered computer? Or is it more than this? What makes the brain so powerful?
  • Freedom
    Personal philosophy of freedom as a factor in health and healing from a libertarian perspective.
  • Freedom Revisited
    More on Personal Freedom. What some philosophers have said about freedom.
  • Prejudice
    An attempt to understand the nature and cause of prejudice
  • New Thought Movement in America
    The influence of Thomas Troward and Rosicrucianism on the New Thought Movement
  • Notes on the Care of the Psyche
    Suggestions for maintaining good mental health.
  • Nutrition for the Mind and the Brain
    The best food for the brain and for enhancing your problem-solving ability.
  • Writing and Speaking
    The importance of being clear in what you write and what you say.
  • On Learning To Be Human
    What it means to be a human being. Considered both philosophically and psychologically. A description of what characterizes a person as peculiarly human.
  • Path of the Adept
    What demands are made upon the one on a spiritual path who aspires to attain higher consciousness.How can you know if such a path is for you.
  • Meditation
    An eclectic approach to the uses and power of meditation.
  • Disease
    Understanding the nature and causes of disease.
  • Rest
    The recuperative power of rest. Along with sleep, relaxation and recreation, a powerful natural inner resource for healing.
  • Sight and Hearing
    Is the quality of sensory input the basis of intelligence, higher consciousness and the ability to learn?
  • Self-Image
    The importance of self-image for good physical health.
  • Brainwashing
    The signs of brainwashing and some implications for teaching and learning.
  • Subjective Conditioning
    Guidelines for the use of audio tapes in meditation.
  • Suggestion as Indirect Communication
    Is it better to use indirect suggestions or direct requests to communicate what you want?
  • A New Theory of Teaching
    My theory of teaching based on a neotech understanding of the learning process.
  • Teaching: A Humanistic versus Mechanistic Approach
    Shifting from a psychometric to a developmental philosophy.
  • Hypnotherapy
    Hypnosis as a therapeutic process? Is it safe? And more questions like this answered about hypnosis as it is currently used in psychotherapy.
  • A New Theory of Education
    A theory of selective excitation, a NeoPlatonic model, applying the latest developments in neurophysiology. Suggestions for further scientific research
  • Trust
    The keystone of truly satisfying relationships. Understanding the nature of trust: a discussion paper.
  • Anger
    A discussion of its usefulness and the limits to its usefulness as well as its potentially harmful effect on our health and what we can do about it.
  • Values Programming
    This is written as satire reflecting using religious symbols fto describe present materialistic values of consumerism, the computer and ecommerce.
  • Motivation
    Why we are the way we are: a practical understanding of motivation.
  • Voluntary Simplicity: Living the simple life   
    A description of the meaning of voluntary simplicity as conducive to the evolution of consciousness and the development of a sense of a spiritual life.

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Advances in Consciousness
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