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The Society for Accelerative Learning and Teaching has available some unusual tapes, both audio and video, dealing with relaxation training for learning and teaching, also dealing with using more of the mind, especially its unconscious dimensions, for aiding in the learning and teaching process. For a catalogue of their collection and for order forms, write:

The Society for Accelerative Learning and Teaching Proceedings c/o The Office of Continuing Education

102 Scheman Continuing Education Building

Iowa Sate University

AMES Iowa 50011

Ask for their list of audio tapes of the Suggestive-Accelerative Learning and Teaching and Suggestopedia proceedings available for purchase.


Dr. Lee Pulos has made some of the better audio tapes for relaxation and for re-educating human consciousness with natural, positive and constructive ideas. He's as clinical psychologist and a member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, a wellrespected, internationally recognized professional association.

His experience includes clinical appointments at the Universities of Indiana, Wisconsin and British Columbia. He has worked as well as a sports psychologist with Team Canada.

He has produced a number of professionally recorded self-hypnosis tapes ranging from progressive relaxation and stress management to health maintenance and weight control. To obtain a complete list, telephone (604) 688-6979 or write:

Hypnosis Development Programs Ltd.

1260 Hornby Street

Vancouver, British Columbia

V6Z 1W2

Dr. Pulos also has a place called Mountain Glade Ranch, where he and his staff conduct seminars. This is a centre for experimental education and participants are requested to come to their programs out of an educational interest and not for a "cure" or as a substitute for psychotherapy. For more information about these programs, write:

Mountain Glade

1260 Hornby Street

Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1W2

Telephone (604) 688-6979

Dr. Pulos' tapes that I like and have used are:

1. Creative Thinking and Problem Solving with subliminal messages

2. Confidence and Self Esteem with subliminal messages 3. Opening Intuitive Channels with subliminal messages 4. Hypnosis and Meditation*

*this tape could be useful to the meditator; it takes you through hypnosis and meditative experiences so you can learn to distinguish between the two states.

5. Concentration and Studying with subliminal messages 6. Self-healing and Health Maintenance with subliminal messages

[NOTE: Each tape can be purchased without subliminal messages if you so wish. I simply like them, and if you listen attentively, you can hear the subliminal messages.]


Dr. Emmett Miller, a physician, has also produced some rather remarkable audio tapes for improving and maintaining mental and physical health. He's interested both in self-healing and in personal development. Besides his training and experience in medicine, he has a background in mathematics and physics.

As a practicing physician, he made some discoveries which influenced greatly the direction of his future practice as a physician. He found that many patients' diseases could be directly attributed to stressful lifestyles. He tried hypnosis, deep relaxation and other techniques which gave individual patients a greater part in their own recovery. He then explored the use of biofeedback, body movement therapies, autogenic training, guided imagery and related disciplines. Whatever proved effective, he later incorporated into his private practice. His system of healing and health maintenance he has put on cassette tapes and made available to the public. To obtain a list of his tapes, write:


Cassette Learning Systems

P.O. Box W



Telephone (415) 328-7171

Some of Dr. Emmett's tapes that I like and have used are:

1. Self-hypnosis and Personal Development

2. Writing Your Own Script

3. Freeing Yourself From Fear

4. Imagine Yourself Slim

5. Letting Go Of Stress

6. Healing Journey

7. Health and Wellness

The contents of some tapes are listed in the brochure you can obtain from Dr. Miller by writing or telephoning SOURCE. Here are some samples:

Freeing Yourself From Fear contains the following: deep relaxation; instant relaxation; desensitizing past events; future image rehearsal; preparing for a challenge; reinforcing success.

Letting Go Of Stress: muscle tension relaxation; autogenic stress relief; a trip to the beach; mental and physical relaxation.

Health and Wellness: mental relaxation and clarity; emotional balancing; spiritual awakening; body wellness and movement.