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Executive Update


Executive Meetings. In my next "Executive Update" letter I hope to have for you the dates of the Executive Committee and Board meetings to be scheduled for the year. It is extremely difficult to be able to schedule frequent Executive Committee meetings given everyone's busy schedule. It is equally difficult to reach everyone by phone simply to inform them of the many and varied decisions that have to be made in conducting the business of the Society. This is why we have and Executive Vice-President, who is engaged to make these decisions. We have been well served by our Executive Vice-President, and I will continue to rely on her advice and good judgement in conducting the day-to-day affairs of the Society.

Program Committee. I am happy to report that our first of many week-end Introductory Workshops was successfully conducted by Dr. Adam Stein, assisted by Dr. Frances Kelly and Dr. Eileen Alexander. Twenty-two attended the workshop which was held at the North York General Hospital. We already have number waiting to take the next scheduled Introductory workshop. I expect that these workshops will prove an excellent means of increasing membership in the Society and thereby increasing our revenue so we can ensure the work of the Society continues to be effective and efficient. These workshops, I hope, will help greatly to recoup the deficit we experienced in the Spring Workshop held in Ottawa. My congratulations to Dr. Stein for taking the initiative and responsibility to coordinate these workshops. If this innovation proves worthwhile, and with the approval of the Executive Committee, we will invite our regional representatives to consider sponsoring similar workshops in their regions.

As a follow-up to the Introductory Workshop, an Intermediate Workshop, again with limited enrolment, has been planned. Any members interested in assisting Dr. Stein in future week-end Introductory or Intermediate Workshops, please let him know. This is a good opportunity to get some experience teaching in a small group. These workshops will be scheduled only when there is sufficient enrolment. We need 15 registrants before we will schedule a workshop. This number justifies the staff time and costs involved in putting on such a workshop.

We have a 15,000 dollar Ontario Government Grant to organize a workshop on the use of Hypnosis in the Treatment of Sexual Abuse victims. Dr. Marcia Weiner has agreed to head the planning committee for this workshop. We thank her for accepting to do this and know that she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the task. Other members of the Committee will be announced soon. The workshop is tentatively planned for the Spring of 1995. Members of the Executive Committee will be kept advised as plans for this workshop materialize.

By-Laws Review Committee. i want to thank Dr. Charles Pierce for agreeing to head a special Presidential Committee to review the By-laws of the Society. Dr. Adam Stein will be assisting him. I have directed Dr. Pierce to coopt any members to assist him if he deems this would be helpful to him. I would expect a report from this committee for the next Board Meeting in the Fall of this year. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please communicate them to Dr. Pierce. I am sure he would welcome your input.

Grants Committee. Again, I want to thank Dr. Pierce for accepting the task of coordinating the Society's efforts to secure grants for workshops or any other grants for which the Society may be eligible. I have asked Dr. Pierce to see if he can obtain a grant to sponsor a workshop on the use of Hypnosis in the care of persons with AIDS and in the treatment of persons diagnosed with HIV. I feel such a workshop is timely and would be widely supported by the community of health care professionals.

Ethics Committee. The public continues to be concerned about issues around the ethical conduct of health care professionals in the delivery of health care. Since our Society does make referrals, we have some responsibility in this matter, ethically and legally. We also have standards to establish and maintain in the clinical applications of hypnosis as health care professionals. If we do not monitor ourselves, someone else will. Let us show some leadership here, if need be. I especially want to thank Dr. for agreeing to head this committee. Other members of the committee will be announced as soon as we can. I will be looking forward to this committee's report with a great deal of interest.


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