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Annals of the SRICF

Obituary Notice in the Rosicrucian Fama of April 15, 1971.

Colin C. Rous was a Lt. Col. and Past Master of Ashlar Lodge, Toronto

Died suddenly on Wednesday, December 9, 1970 at the Wellesley Hospital, Toronto

Dr. J. A. Evans

A physician, still practising at his passing at the age of 88, had called on the birthday of his oldest patient, 103 years old Mrs. Sarah Powers, who had been his patient for 40 years. It was said of him that one minute he was a doctor and the next a professor talking about philosophy, history and current events. At age 50, Dr Evans returned to the University of Toronto to get his master's degree in philosophy and psychology. The day before his passing he was helping his secretary type the second part of a history he was writing of the Lebanon chapter of Royal Arch Masonry.

He was born in Islington, joining the Royal Canadian Regiment at age 16, in the hope of seeing action in the South African war. Dr. Evans graduated from the University of Toronto in 1907 and after two years as doctor in Ontario mental hospitals became a physician on passenger ships of the British merchant marine. He left the merchant marine for post-graduate work in Ireland, then became an army captain in World War I. Wounded and an invalid, he came home, set up private practice in Toronto and became associated with Victoria Memorial, a private hospital of the time. Until 1947, when he dropped all activity but his private practice on Avenue Road, he served as physician for Imperial Oil. He was a lifelong Mason, president of the Past Masters' Association of Toronto and a member of the Masonic Research Association.

Born July 18, 1882, Died March 13, 1971, Toronto

Chief Adept of Ontario College, 3rd ____ 1949, resigned April 4, 1967