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Has anyone been able to demonstrate by scientific research that indirect suggestions can be as effective or more effective than direct suggestions?

ref: Kevin M. McConkey, The impact of an indirect suggestion.  The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 1984, Vol. 32, No. 3, 307-314

Is the use of indirect suggestion a useful way of speaking?  If so, what is so useful about it.  For example, please open the book to page 5.  Or, I would appreciate everyone opening their books to page 5.

Another important question to investigate is how people perceive and process indirect suggestions.

Conclusion of this study: sometimes people respond to indirect suggestion and sometimes they do not.  Depends what the suggestion is about and what people are willing to accept.

One alleged value of indirect suggestion is to make information acceptable that might otherwise be unacceptable if given directly.

see: M.H. Erickson and E. L. Rossi.  The indirect forms of suggestion. In E. L. Rossi (ed.), The colected papers of Milton H. Erickson on hynosis. Volume I. The nature of hypnosis and suggestion. New York:Irvington, 1980, pp. 452-477.

People receptive to indirect suggestions may be those who do not monitor their behavior and experiences to the degree that people do who are not as receptive to indirect suggestions.