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Prefer essays to tests

* Prefer essays, assignments, projects rather than tests, examis requiring memorizing

Left to work independently

* Books, writing materials, solitude

* Learn on my own time, in my own space

Given responsibility

Opportunity to ask questions

* Small class, lots of opportunities to ask questions

Opportunity to approach teacher

* Teacher who is an encourager/facilitator

The old traditional way

Reading with comfort and informality

Organized lesson

Allowed to discuss

* Prefer a seminar model with lots of discussion and summing up of observations at the end

* Group learning; feedback from others, with time for personal reflection

* Small group, 2 or 3 people

Interesting content

In a structured environment

* Get information from an ordered, structured environment, then go away and translate it into my framework of understanding

* Stimulating lectures, exchanges of opinion with others

* Well organized, structured but open to discussion

Like competitive, demanding situtation

* Challenging and encouraging

Hands on learning

* Learn by doing

* Experiential learning process

* Active classroom, not sitting in same spot listening for hours

* Watching a demonstration, doing a task, perform under pressure

Under calm, unpressured conditions

* Quiet environment, no pressure of time

* Relaxed, safe environment

In an atmosphere were other students are studying

Learning must be for me

Definite goals/purposes (my own or others)

Lots of feedback; positive criticism

Prefer that evaluation be based on a wide variety of criteria

* That the evaluation demonstrate student strengths

* Free of intimidation

Like examples

Need to write notes

* Like to see charts, overheads, different materials

Comfortable environment

* Physically and emotionally

* Friendly people, opportunity for group work

* Well ventilated

* Good lighting

* A group environment where you feel free to ask dumb questions

Flexible deadlines

* Deadlines to avoid procrastination


Time and opportunity to be creative/original