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The Way to Self-Empowerment

The spiritual way is a way of liberation, limberations from oppression and exploitation. Jesus ministered to the oppressed and the exploited. He preached a gospel of liberfationl. A gospel of renewal. He exemplified in his person the New Adam and the New Eve, the spiritually regenerated person.

The basis of a just and fraternal sociedty is the liberated person, liberated from ignorance, greed, etc. All those barriers which separate us from each other, and from fully experiencing ourselves. Qualities of character which oppress, limit, enslave, demean the personality.

What is a just and fraternal society? One which enables people to live with dignity. A scoeity where people can be the agents of their own destiny.

Another name for salvation is liberation. For that is precisely what salvation is. Liberation from all that limits us from becoming our ture selves. A true self which is intelligent, feeling, caring, in full use of all our powers, potential, physically, mentally and emotionally. A self which can enjoy relationships with ohther, with nature, with God.

Liberation is the real mission of all religion. It is the real mission of all eduation, of all psychotherapy, of all lhealing. Without the deisre for liberation all the achievements oure empty, futile illusions.

At the cnetre of the spiritual way is the practice of charity. Chairty itself does not make one spiritual, but without it one cannot enter upon the spiritual path.

Charity is central to the spiritual life. Without it, spiritual prctice becomes a sham, a travesty. Good deeds, unless done in the spiriti of true charity are woiout merit spiritually speaking.

Its relatively easy to practice charity in seclusion, withdrawn from human contact. Take the monastic contemplative. Yet the fruit of contemplation is always in the world, its impact on the human condition is to raise consciousness and manifest God's glory to his people.

The Christian message is God is in his world and a helpt o his people. Compassion, charity, forgiveness are the divine attributes central to the Christian concept of deity. Our God is a gGod of love, of foregiveness, of compassion. He brings relief to the oppressed and hope ;to the despairing. He is theGod of society's rejects, society's mistakes, society's failures, the unclean, the unwashed, the unwanted - the retarded, the terminally ill, the abondoned, the exploited, the abused. His their God. Be careful how you treat them.

Money, health, power of themselves do not create happiness unless we are able through them to liberate ourselves and others.

All intelligent people are by nature philosophers. They engage in spontaneous philosophy.

The spiritual way is not the proper object of the monastic or cloistered life alone. All people in all conditions of life are invited to cultivate their spiritual potential. The spiritual way is for everyone. For it is the way of rewnewal, the way of ultimate self-actualization.