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Notes on How Schools Must Change(1)

jobs We are a society well on the way to becoming one in which you will need for a good job, high salary and social prestige, a first-rate higher education, the equivalent at least of a college diploma.

Over half of us earn a living with knowledge acquired through formal education, not from on-the-job experience.

loyalty "In the future, the primary loyalty of knowledge workers will be reserved for their profession, their craft - not their employer.

criteria Main concern in taking a position will be, other than pay, that the equipment be state-of-the-art and the assignment challenging.

internship Internship programs will become a regular part of the curriculum at secondary schools and universities.

Reasoning: to help students prepare for being part of a large organization, where they will need skills such as: the ability to present ideas orally and in writing, briefly, simply, clearly; the ability to work with people; the capacity to shape and direct one'w own work, contricbution and career by making an organization a tool for the realization of ne's aspirations and values.


management In the elementary schools, greater attention needs to be paid to teaching "management of the self", the responsiblity for constructively participating in group endeavors.

learning Learning should be perceived as a life-long process; the most pressing task should be teaching people how to learn.

technology There never will be enough good teachers to go around. Computer access and literacy will soon be a universal requirement. More "user friendly" than the printed book, esp. for children. Its versatile and playful and has unlimited patience and is at the command of the learner the way no teacher in a classroom can be. Television can make available a whole world of sophisticated visual pedagogy thus bringing the world into a classroo, or the the monitor of a single student.

teacher "A schools increasingly make use of these resources - computers, television, films, video and audio tapes - to accomplish basic curriculum goals, the teacher will be freed to become a supervisor and mentor to professionalize his or her role to a greater extent than ever before. The teacher will become a post-business-age manager, who leads, aids, sets an example and encourages."

1. Taken from PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, May 1989, "How schools must change," by Peter F. Drucker.